Services Offered

~ Begin your path to wholeness and wellness ~

Child/Play Therapy   Play Therapy is designed to assist parents or guardians in raising confident, well adjusted children especially when life events or personality traits create barriers to a child’s growth and development.  Play is the context or learning preference for children.  One might say it is the language of children. Play combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides a powerful directed and well researched approach to helping children learn to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and grief.  

Family Therapy   Family Therapy provides families the means to improve communication and a sense of belonging for all members through education, structured activities, and processing interactions among members.   Family therapy creates the space to listen and understand each member in a safe and directed manner to avoid the usual pitfalls already at play.  Members learn how to create a sense of well-being and wholeness for the entire family.

Group Therapy   A small group setting (6-8 members) can provide a cost effective way to become the person you want to be.  Group sessions can be topical such as grief, depression or anxiety, or for general personal wellness and wholeness.  Fees are less as the cost is shared among members for the facilitators time and expertise.  Facilitators promote safe, honest, and encouraging sessions that help members achieve success for individual goals.  Group sessions allow for a shared journey, a sense of belonging, and not feeling alone in meeting life’s challenges.

Individual Therapy   One to one sessions provide the most confidential and personal environment. Therapy goals and a plan are designed specifically for that individual. The therapist uses researched approaches to educate, encourage, and create a space for individual growth. Persons dealing with past abuse and trauma, depression, and anxiety often begin their journey to well-being and wholeness with individual sessions.  

Retreats   Retreats offer contemplation and discernment for action away from the hectic daily routines of everyday life. Stepping back from what we routinely do in order to assess our thoughts, feelings, and behavior can create a powerful boost for personal growth and greater self-awareness. These sessions empower through educational instruction and experiential exercises in a relaxed setting. Retreats can be topical or for general well-being or wholeness. These types of gatherings are not covered by health insurance providers, as co-facilitating instructors are not within the health-care arena.

Challenges I can assist with:    Anxiety  |  Depression  |  Grief  |  Codependency  |  ADHD  |  Trauma  |  PTSD  |  Divorce Recovery  |  Defiance  |  Blended Families  |  Parenting

Modalities used:   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  |  Person-Centered Therapy  |  Mindfulness  |  Play Therapy  |  Gestalt Therapy  |  Family Systems Therapy

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*Clients are responsible for determining their insurance coverage and benefits. If Jane Sweeney is not covered under the client's policy, the client is responsible for the full fee.